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6 Places All Florida Natives Should Visit This Summer

When people think of Florida, they think of our beautiful beaches as well as our amazing natural springs. Makes sense. But, what you don’t know if that Florida is full of amazing attractions that don’t necessarily have you sitting on the beach in your bathing suit. Here are some of the places in Florida you should definitely check out this summer. …

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Growing Up Floridian, The Funniest Floridian Memories

  It’s no hidden secret that Florida is a unique state. The Sunshine State is notoriously known as the home to bizarre news stories, visitors from all corners of the world, dinosaur-like animals and notably strange weather patterns. The unusual life Florida create experiences that mold Floridians into the unique individuals that they are. Floridians have taken to Twitter to …

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7 Times a Sinkhole Made A Surprise Appearance in Florida

Florida’s well known for lots of sudden things, sudden storms, sudden waves of traffic from spring breakers, and sudden appearances of Alligators. But among the most notorious of our sudden guests is the sinkhole! Here are 7 times a sinkhole ruined someone’s day: 1. McDonalds, Cooper City Generally, a trip to the drive-thru is for fries, burger and shake, and …

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Dumb Questions People Always Ask When You Tell Them You’re from Florida

We have all experienced it. The conversation that is doomed from the moment you release the words “I am from Florida” from your lips. The questions that come pouring out are the same that you hear every time, whether you are in Georgia, Delaware, or even as far as Washington (the state). The questions vary from actual genuine interest in …

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7 Things We’re Used to That Tourists Just Don’t Understand

There is no disputing the fact that living in Florida and visiting Florida are two completely different concepts. The Sunshine State attracts millions of tourists every year, most coming to see our theme parks and world famous beaches. Our state is well known for our ability to handle the crazy tourist season, but do tourists ever really know how to …

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Floridian Words and Phrases Explained

Floridians are a unique breed with roots that often stretch from across the country and world. From the Floridian Natives, to the Northerners that permanently migrated to the Sunshine State, Florida is full of various cultures and heritage. Although Florida is home to a large spectrum of diversity, there are many Floridian words and phrases that only true Floridians will …

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Florida Man Fires Gunshots At Pokemon Go Players Outside of Home

At about 1:30am Saturday morning in Flagler County, Florida, a homeowner fired multiple shots at unsuspecting Pokémon Go players who were playing the mobile game inside of a car that was parked outside of his house. Although no one was injured, a parent of one of the teen players notified authorities as the car they were driving received damages from …

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Guide: How to Survive the Florida Heat

Is the sweat dripping down your leg as you read this? Are you nervous to peel yourself off of your chair? Yeah, don’t worry, it’s summer. These are just some of the struggles we have to deal with if we want to munch on watermelon and get a tan. But, there has to be some way to survive the season …

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8 Reasons Florida is the Best State in the US

We all love the states that we come from, but seriously, Florida is one of the best states in the USA. Are we biased? Sure. Do we have a reason to be? Hell yes. We know you’re going to start listing off the fact that it’s known as an “old people” state, but if you push yourself past the retirees, …

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