Florida Man Robs House, then Hitches Ride on a School Bus

Erik Hall, a 27 year old resident of Manatee County, has been arrested after he boarded a school bus to get away from the area where he had just burglarized a home, deputies say. Around 6:45 A.M. on Tuesday morning, Hall stepped onto a school bus headed to Manatee High School where the bus driver, Verna Esparza, 55, took him …

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Country Gulf Coast Jam

Pepsi Country Gulf Coast Jam Ticket Giveaway

Looking for plans this Labor Day Weekend in the Sunshine State? ThingsFloridiansLike has got you covered! We thought what more do Floridians love more than country music, sunshine and the beach? The only thing we love more, is doing it all for FREE. That’s why we have teamed up with Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam to giveaway 2 general admission passes to …

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bad florida drivers

6 Times Florida Drivers Made Their Own Rules

  Recently world shattering news emerged that Florida drivers were the worst in America, to which the entire state of Florida replied with a very strong “duh!” To celebrate this incredibly obvious assessment, we’ve got several interesting occurrences where a Florida Driver decided to play by their own rules. Corbett Wildlife Management Area Most people keep their registration, CDs, and …

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Florida Man Crashes Into A Bus With Nude Wife in Cab – Gets 20 Years

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Florida semi-truck driver has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for recklessly ramming into the back of a school bus while his wife was nude in the trucks cab. The school bus was occupied with 15 students as it slowed down to drop some of them off at a bus stop. That is when the truck driver, Shannon …

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florida vs yankees guide

Guide: Floridians vs. Yankees

Floridans and Yankees have always had a long list of differences. Floridians are constantly criticized on their driving, our tendency to love Country Music, and our Sweet Tea obsession. But this doesn’t mean that the Yankees are also without fault! We Floridians are mystified by their ability to park on hills, their love of snow, and their lack of the …

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4 Most Up-and-Coming Cities in Florida

  Of course you know about Miami and Orlando, but what about the other cities in Florida? Many people tend to stick to the top three most popular places in Florida and forget what the rest of Florida has to offer. So, let’s take a look at some of the up and coming cities in Florida that you need to …

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bandit coffee tampa coffee shop

6 Must-Visit Tampa Coffee Shops

Locals are starting to take notice of the growing coffee scene here in Tampa Bay, something that is becoming firmly rooted in community and bringing people together. Whether you’re local or visiting, here’s a round up of some the best Tampa coffee shops. Buddy Brew Coffee, Various Locations Buddy Brew (code name BBC) is a staple here in Tampa. With locations …

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College Spotlight: University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida, or UCF, is a place that goes by many names. “Under Construction Forever”, “U Can’t Finish”, or “Usually Crowded as F***” . But for over 60,000 students, it’s called “home”. UCF was founded as Florida Technological University in 1963 and renamed in 1978, making it one of newer guys on the block when compared to …

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title graphic - pokemon go hotspots in florida

The Definitive Guide For Pokemon Go Hotspots in Florida

Pokemon pandemonium is still in full swing as the mobile app game Pokemon Go is still increasing in numbers with new players joining the game everyday, while there are some challenges that come along with playing in Florida, the craze has never been bigger. But for players who have been playing since the games debut, they have become experienced trainers …

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Miami, Florida traffic

Find Out Where Florida Ranks For Worst Drivers In America

Florida was recently named a winner. No, unfortunately we did not win any professional sports championships (again). Florida was titled as the state with “The Worst Drivers In The Nation”. Surprised? Neither are we. A recent study from SmartAsset has confirmed this fact that we have all been denying for years. The research collected included driving statistics such as the …

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