Cartoon of a car driving through a swarm of lovebugs

We Finally Know Where Florida Lovebugs Came From

If you grew up in Florida, or have lived in the state for more than one full year, you know what a lovebug is. You may not know the pesky flying bug by name, but if you have driven near lowlands at night in Florida, you have definitely met the wrath of the lovebug. It is no hidden secret that Floridians …

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Funny geographic breakdown of Florida

The REAL Geographic Breakdown of Florida

Florida is a state built on a foundation of historical pride rooted in heritage. Many native Floridians have grown up and developed their entire lives in the Sunshine State, often times in one area. Though Northerners may look at our state as a broad generalization of white sand beaches, and perfect weather year round, locals that grew up in Florida know Florida …

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Screenshot of cops shutting down Pink Pony Strip Club

Father Brings 16 Year Old Daughter to Strip Club

One might think that an establishment titled as the “Pink Pony Club” would be great! Sounds like a combination of My Little Pony and Club Penguin or something. Well unfortunately this place isn’t even close to appropriate for kids. No, this isn’t a spin-off of Chuck-E-Cheese….it’s a strip club. Yup, this Florida man thought a strip club was the perfect …

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Screenshot of interview with Florida Pastor who thrwarted Robbery attempt

Attempted Armed Robbery In Melbourne Church Thwarted By Pastor and Son

A different form of “divine intervention” occurred this Sunday when 21-year-old John Grace attempted to stick up the Christian Fellowship Church. “Melbourne, FL – Pastor Les Snodgrass was in the middle of his sermon at Christian Fellowship Church preaching on the values of life when a man stood up in the congregation and pointed a BB gun at the pastor’s …

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