Cara Jestes

Guide: Floridians vs. Yankees

florida vs yankees guide

Floridans and Yankees have always had a long list of differences. Floridians are constantly criticized on their driving, our tendency to love Country Music, and our Sweet Tea obsession. But this doesn’t mean that the Yankees are also without fault! We Floridians are mystified by their ability to park on hills, their love of snow, and their lack of the …

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Dumb Questions People Always Ask When You Tell Them You’re from Florida

oprah reaction shot

We have all experienced it. The conversation that is doomed from the moment you release the words “I am from Florida” from your lips. The questions that come pouring out are the same that you hear every time, whether you are in Georgia, Delaware, or even as far as Washington (the state). The questions vary from actual genuine interest in …

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7 Things We’re Used to That Tourists Just Don’t Understand

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There is no disputing the fact that living in Florida and visiting Florida are two completely different concepts. The Sunshine State attracts millions of tourists every year, most coming to see our theme parks and world famous beaches. Our state is well known for our ability to handle the crazy tourist season, but do tourists ever really know how to …

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