florida vs yankees guide

Guide: Floridians vs. Yankees

Floridans and Yankees have always had a long list of differences. Floridians are constantly criticized on their driving, our tendency to love Country Music, and our Sweet Tea obsession. But this doesn’t mean that the Yankees are also without fault! We Floridians are mystified by their ability to park on hills, their love of snow, and their lack of the ever beautiful Floridian beaches. Below are a few way Floridians are a bit different than Yankees.

We’ve got a laid back style.

While the Yankees tend to don the attire of the models strutting down the runway, Floridians tend to find comfort in our bathing suits, shorts, t-shirts, and sandals/flip-flops. Why dress to the nines when a call from a friend can pull you to the beaches calling shore? Yes, the glamour of the dazzling and shimmering dresses and name brand does occasionally drift to our closets, but the Yankee style will never outlive our love for the easy breezy beach wear.

We’re OK drivers..but still better than Northerners

Ok. Here we’ve got admit. We Floridians are not known for our driving skills. I mean, really, we have all of the elderly and all of the young new drivers, but man do we know how to navigate through the slow pace of traffic that tends to appear on I-95. We may not be the best at parallel parking either, but no one beats us when it comes to navigating the insanity that is Jacksonville highway ramps, or the bustling streets of Orlando.

We drink SWEET tea

Let’s just get this one straight. Iced Tea is SWEET. ALWAYS. If we want a not sweet ice tea we will gladly tell you that we want it unsweetened. But until that day arrives, ICED TEA IS ALWAYS SWEET. Also, don’t look at us like we are crazy because we like out tea drowning in ice, the days are hot in Florida and we need the cold relief.

We have way better beaches

The most confusing thing for Floridians when we visit the North is when a group of people invite you to the beach, and then take you to a lake. We get that a beach is defined as the shore on a body of water, but we expect the soft sand with the ocean waves rising to chase our feet. It is quite a shock when we see a lake or bay with a pebbly coast and trees surrounding. Also, so much soft murky things lay on the bottom of the lake. That is a strange feeling to the feet that are accustomed to the pinch of craps or the soft sand with sea shells speckling the ocean floor.

Floridians are a charming bunch

We aren’t called the Good Ol’ South for nothing. Our southern drawls add to our already charming personalities. Saying a warm hello or sharing newly baked goods is a common practice in Florida. We will happily share the ice cream, there is a lot to go around. Open parties on the beach are also common. It is also well known that Yankees tend to be a bit more stand off-ish and find themselves to be slightly above all others.

We don’t use weird words like “pop”

This ever strange problem occurs whenever a Floridian ventures to the Yankees realm or a Yankee takes a trip to the Florida Coast. “What kind of Soda would you like?” vs “What kind of Pop would you like?” This has always been a debate on which way is the best way to order a “carbonated beverage”. Of course for Floridians Soda sounds so much simpler! Pop just brings memories of Rice Krispies commercials or the sound a tire makes when punctured. Which one truly reigns supreme? There is simply no way to tell.

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