12 Things Floridians Are Extremely Thankful For During the Summer

If you’re a Floridian, then you know about the summers. You know perfectly well. If you’re thinking about spending your summer in Florida – we welcome you with sweaty open arms. Actually, don’t touch any of us, this will only make us more sweaty. Here are 14 things that we Floridians are ever so thankful for during the summer.

SPF 60

“I don’t need sunscreen, I never get burned,” said no Floridian ever. Yeah, we’re not going to risk it. We’ve all had a nasty taste of the Florida sun and most of us have the painful memory of applying loads of Aloe Vera on in hopes of a quick recovery. We may have had to learn the hard way, but now we don’t play around – we lather on that SPF 60.

Air conditioning

The saviour of all saviours. Everyone of us has air conditioning. Meeting someone in Florida who doesn’t have air conditioning is like seeing a unicorn. Exactly.

Publix Sweet Tea and Subs

Hands down, Publix Sweet Tea is the best sweet tea in Florida. The best part is that Publix Sweet Tea comes in gallons, so you can load up for the summer. Pair that up with some subs at the beach with friends and you’ve got a good time on your hands.


Florida Craft Beer

Who doesn’t like a cold one on a scorching day? Exactly. We love our beer, especially if it’s Florida made. Starting off with a pint of Funky Buddha’s Morning Wood, Cigar City’s Hunahpu or J Wakefield’s Miami Madness isn’t a bad way to start the day.

Other Floridians

Who else will be able to get our constant complaining about the heat? Most people would find it annoying, but every Floridian understands the summer struggle.

Electric Handheld Fans

Although these are mostly reserved for older folks and tourists, you don’t appreciate it until you really need one. These things are lifesavers.


Bug Spray

Without bug repellent, no one knows how they would survive in Florida. Have you seen the bugs we’re up against? You don’t mess around with them.

Any form of water (minus the rain)

Lakes, swimming pools, beaches and even bottled water – what ever way it comes in, we’re ever so grateful for it. Imagine a Florida summer without a swimming pool. Wait, don’t do it. It’s too painful.


One minute it’s scorching hot and you’re in a full out sweat, the next minute it’s pouring down. We’re not fooled by the sunshine and warm water. We always come prepared.


We’re not called the Sunshine State for nothing. Whether they’re $450 prescription frames or a $5 pair from the gas station, sunglasses are a crucial part of every Floridian wardrobe.

A Sense of Humor

With weather like this, the heat can literally drive you insane. That’s why we Floridians have such a great sense of humor. How else would we survive this?


Is that a tree? Good, cause we’ll be sitting under it, parking our car under it, and sleeping in it.

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