13 Phrases That Have a Different Meaning in Florida

Here in Florida, we have a unique lingo that is unique to the type of person living in a state surrounded by water. Like any good place to live, there is a “language of the locals” that differentiates natives from the tourists. Here are just a few phrases that have a totally different meaning in the Sunshine State

Normal Phrase vs. Floridian Meaning

1) “Let’s go to the beach this weekend!” = “We can definitely go between 12 and 3 where my weather app says 20% chance of rain”

2) “Where Shopping is a Pleasure” = “PUUUUUUBBBLIIIIXX”

3) “Its a nice sunny day today!” = “It’s not raining today”

4) “Could I have some water?” = “Could I have some water?” *visibly sweating from walking to the front door from the driveway*

5) “Let’s go to Disney!!” = “I’m probably a tourist”

6) “Let’s go get subs” = “Let’s go to Publix”

7) “A wild animal attacked and killed him” = “Yeah there was another alligator attack yesterday”

8) “That store got robbed yesterday” = “Florida man robs gas station with a plastic bag and a pencil”

9) “Yeah it was raining on my drive home” = “Yeah the rain started and stopped at least 10 times on my drive home”

10) “It feels perfect outside!!” = “It’s only 88 degrees today!!”

11) “That’s shocking!” = “I literally just got struck by lightning”

12) “Ouch!!” = “My seatbelt buckle just burned a hole through my arm”

13) “Be careful!” = “Don’t get eaten alive by mosquitoes while you’re out!”


What are your favorite “Floridian phrases” we forgot to add? Let us know in the comments!


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