Will Ferrell encourages Floridians to vote

Will Ferrell Is Driving Floridians To Vote, Literally

As real Floridians know, we don’t experience many significant seasons in the Sunshine State. Every year northern states boast about their beautiful foliage and “sweater weather” during the Autumn months. Although the only color changes Floridians see around this same time is different color license plated heading south, we do experience a special season once every four years in Florida. Election Season.

Election season in Florida is unique because of the importance our state’s decision holds. The Sunshine State is one of the few swing states in the country, making Floridians’ votes historically impactful on the Presidential election. This year, Florida’s vote is going to be more meaningful than ever.

Florida Native, Will Ferrell, is here to remind us that whoever you vote for, that candidate is the right candidate to vote for.  Will Ferrell says he will even drive Floridians to vote.

On November 8th, rather than catching rays at the beach, take some time out of your Floridian lifestyle to vote during this election season!

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