gofundme campaign for homeless florida artist jon masters

Update: Homeless Florida Man Begs For Art Supplies

We originally brought you the story of a homeless street artist, Jon Masters, last week.

Masters and his dog are located in Pensacola, Florida near Near Navy Blvd. where he creates amazing paintings with donations from generous Floridians. After an unfortunate turn of events between a petty arrest and his house boat sinking, Masters fell on hard times, forcing him on the streets of Florida. The homeless Florida man began creating street-side paintings with $40 he collected from panhandling. Masters is now applying his natural artistic talents to get himself off of the streets. His paintings can be purchased for $25-40, and he accepts commissioned work as well.

Through the power of the Internet, we were able to obtain contact information for Jon Masters. Users of Reddit.com found the street artist in Pensacola, and reported great news back to our team. Masters is selling paintings quicker than he can make them, and he is working on setting up a booth at a local weekend market.

We have created a GoFundMe account to support Jon Masters here. Any donations to help the struggling artist get back on his feet are accepted>> https://www.gofundme.com/jonmasters

Check out Jon Masters incredible collection of paintings he has created on the side of the road in Florida below. To contact Masters, his Facebook is linked here https://www.facebook.com/jon.masters.370

(Read original story here)

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