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Hurricane Irma Drinking Game

The Official Hurricane Drinking Game: Hurricane Irma Edition

Hurricane Irma is quickly approaching the Sunshine State and Floridians are preparing to hunker down …


  1. this is not true

  2. Ok Ya got meeeeee hahahaha:)

  3. oh my gosh! you got me!

  4. That ones pretty good, today, I got all dressed up, I knew I need to go to the bank to withdraw some money to pay some bills, I told the clerk that I’m a “power-ball” winner and would this bank be interested in a large deposit? The treatment as well as the free coffee and doughnuts were quite nice, that was until I really needed to go and pay some bills, I replied April fool.

  5. Says April fools at the top duhhhhhhh

  6. Grow up mike. Not everyone wants to look like or be served by tats and beards. Pull up your pants

  7. Kwitcherbellyakin

    You half got me. Nobody holds a candle to Publix. I was shaking my head “NOOOO” till I got to the punch line.

  8. Time to ban Vald-a-mart.

    • Í was injured in a negligence in a North Miami, Florida PUBLIX Supermarket..
      They have neglected me and it has damage my life and my family’s…
      I want JUSTICE and the corrupt Publix has never complied with the damage they have caused my family and I to suffer tremendously.
      Help me please…. x

  9. not funny i shared on my site and now every is pissed

  10. This is awesome! My husband and son can stay home all day every day and we can live off the gubmint!
    Geez people, consider the day. And take a chill pill.

  11. I saw that the writer of this piece is Lincoln Devine and figured that was part of the April Fool’s joke because, surely that had to be a made up name, right? But, I guess it is the name of one of the writers and not of a porno star.

  12. srrsly? so if i work at a subway and find out mayo is good on subs and the door is best entered in the middle of the store and the sign is best angled 15 inches from the left corner of the property i could get sued if i open my own deli and do the same? so, if walmart wants to shut down any store.. all they have to do is send in their old managers to go in and change things to their store ways and then sue the stores.. smh.. this is just wrong.

  13. So many people butt hurt on April Fools. Everyone takes everything WAY to serious! Besides, you read it Online! Why does everyone believe everything posted Online!?!?

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