An Open Letter to the Rain

Dear Rain,

You give me such mixed emotions, on one hand you give me relief from the ever-humid 80-90 degree weather, buuuut on the other hand you ruin my pool and beach plans pretty regularly. It wouldn’t be so bad if you could make up your damn mind…you can never decide if you want to stay for long.

On my drives to work and school you’ll come and go, when I get home you come and go, I’ll be out at the bar with friends and you’re still playing games, constantly toying with my emotions. Whenever I wash my car, you decide to rain on my parade. If I’m at a music festival, I almost expect you to come and ruin the fun…ponchos usually work great, but the mud is the issue. Sometimes, you randomly flood the streets!

Why can’t you just hang out with your friends in the Gulf of Mexico? Why terrorize me and everyone else on land? You’re a serious bully some of the time, especially around hurricane season. Quite frankly, you are the reason I have trust issues. 



Maybe I’m being to critical though. The more I think about it…the more grateful I am to have you in my life. We can’t really appreciate the warm, tropical Florida weather if we don’t have anything to compare it to, right?

You’re responsible for a our beautiful springs and lakes, keep us cool when we need it, and seeing a rainbow every now and then is nice too, although I’m calling your bluff on the “pot of gold” thing.

Despite our differences, I think I can handle having you in my life. You’re definitely always there even when I don’t want you around, and even though you get super angry and annoying sometimes, you usually get over it pretty quickly.

So thank you Rain, for always being there. Maybe you could just work on your timing?… That would be great.



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