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Hungry woman arrested for stealing bagel truck

It was a cool morning in Orange county. A Bagel King worker decided to pull up to the gas station at 2AM while making his morning deliveries. At some point, he left the truck on and stepped away, presumably to buy some coffee or use the bathroom, those graveyard shifts are no joke.

It was this exact moment that 27-year-old Ashley Goldson saw her opportunity to strike. She did what any hungry, reasonable person faced with a vulnerable bagel truck would do…hopped in and drove off, taking all of the bagels for herself.

Like an episode out of Grand Theft Auto V, she raced police through Orange, Seminole, and Volusia county. After a 27 mile excursion, she was finally pulled over and arrested. It’s reported that no bagels or people were injured in this pursuit.


– via MyNews13

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