Florida’s Weather Is The Reason I Have Trust Issues

You’d think we humans have enough trust issues as it is. But not for us Floridians- we have the weather to also add onto our list. If you’re simply a tourist, you probably have this image in your mind that you can wear flip flops here for the rest of your life and party for the entire year on the beach – which is partially true – at least the flip flop part. But for many of us Floridians, we’ve developed some massive trust issues due to the weather.

Don’t be fooled by Florida’s nickname

Yeah, we thought Florida would be all sunshine at first too. The “sunshine” state isn’t all rainbows and ice cream – actually, it is all rainbows, especially after our crazy thunderstorms. You might already know this, but Florida is the nation’s lighting capital – if you’re a conspiracy theorist and don’t want to take off your tinfoil hat, perhaps Florida isn’t for you. Oh and if you’ve watched the movie Hurricane and slept under your bed for the next week, then we don’t want to scare you but, Florida is pretty well-known for the hurricanes, Hurricane Charley of 2004 anyone?



It’s sunny, no wait, it’s rainy

Tourist: “Florida must be so hot in the summer.” You’re right. It is hot in the summer. Though in between the beaming rays of sunshine, which have been known to lightly toast your skin (wear that sunscreen, people), we’ll have flash moments of rain, then back to sunshine and then back to rain again. Florida summer weather is like watching Finding Nemo. You’re happy, then you’re sad, then you’ll have a moment of hope, then back to happy tears again. Though these moments of rain usually don’t last more than ten minutes (sometimes…), they make you highly suspicious whether you can actually go outside or not. Will I get drenched? Will an alligator steal my flip flops? Who knows!

hurricane charley florida 2004

Tropical storm, anyone?

Do you like canoeing? Or possibly kayaking? It’s a great skill to have in Florida since our tropical storms are mighty fierce. To live in Florida, you have to like waiting for the unexpected to happen. Just recently we had tropical storm Colin which dumped so much rain on us, that streets in Tampa could have been renamed as rivers – yeah, it was that intense. But naturally, storm Colin was like a child’s game for us. Bring it on, weather, we’ve seen worse. Wait, not the heat! Anything but the heat!

Here is a not-so-real picture of the latest and greatest feature from Uber, probably inspired by Florida

boat on a flooded street with an uber logo


How can we Floridians not be skeptical about the weather, when we’re battling against literally all of the elements. Though, Florida does keeps us on our toes and has us ready to go against just about anything. In between the moments of enjoying a craft beer and laying at the pool – test your strength and battle a cyclone or enjoy terrestrial rainfall. Of course we’re joking, Florida is full of twists and turns but definitely is an excellent place to live.

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