Florida’s Best Pumpkin Patches

Getting into the fall spirit in the Sunshine State can be difficult at times. When the only noticeable color changes are Northerners license plates, and autumn scents are only produced by candles and artificial air fresheners, Floridians will do anything they can to experience a true fall season. One of the greatest pastimes of Autumn is visiting a pumpkin patch. Due to Florida’s 90 degree weather in October and year-round infestation of bugs, it’s hard to find a real pumpkin farm in the Sunshine State.

Floridians usually pick a pumpkin out of the back of a truck on a highway, or at their local Wal-Mart, but there are some seasonal pumpkin patches to get Floridians in the fall spirit. Here are some of Florida’s best pumpkin patches all around the state…

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Roger's Farm Gainesville Florida

Corn maze at Cypress Cattle and Produce in Florida

Pumpkin patch Florida


Green Meadows  Farm Kissimmee Florida

Fox Squirrel Corn Maze in Plant City, Florida

The Pickin Patch in Florida

Sarasota Pumpkin Festival in Sarasota Florida

Corn maze at Sweet Seasons Farm in Milton, Florida

Maze Daze Fall Festival at Cowart Ranch and Farms


Get out there and fall into the Autumn spirit at one of Florida’s best pumpkin patches.

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