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7 Summer Essentials That No Floridian Can Live Without

Living in Florida we all know that the summer time here isn’t like any other season – It’s one you have to prepare for.  So it’s time to brush up on some of the essentials every Floridian should own to make this years summer one to remember.

S’Well Stainless Steel Water Bottle

We all know how hot it gets in the summer time, and that’s why it is vital to stay hydrated. What’s great about this water bottle is that you can keep a beverage cold for up to 24 full hours.

Giant Pizza Slice Pool Float 

Nothing says you’re doing summer the right way by floating around the pool on a giant slice of pizza.

Ray Ban Aviators

You can complete every summer outfit with a classic pair of Ray Ban Aviators. The iconic metal frame and 100% UV protection lenses provide great visibility and comfort all while staying in style.

Arcticor Beverage Cooler

The Arcticor is a quite a beast of a cooler. It contains 4, 39° exterior cupholders, and can gold up to 24 drinks on the inside along with 20 pounds of ice. With an Arcticor, your beers and sodas will be ice cold until the very last drop.


American Apparel Nylon Tricot Bikini

Available in an assortment of colors, this bikini can be the way to show off that summer body you’ve worked all year to obtain!

Perfect Drink App Controlled Bartender

By using a scale that connects to any smartphone, this electronic bartender measures out perfect cocktails as you pour them. It even lets you know when to stop.

Kindle Oasis E- reader 

Keep all of your summer reads in one place with the Kindle Oasis E-reader, the thinnest and lightest Kindle to date. The backlight makes it perfect to read in the Florida sunlight.

To really go all out this summer and get the real Floridian experience, you have to have the gear that can take it to another level. Hopefully this list of essentials can help you have a cool, memorable, and stylish time this season.

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