Escape monkey in sanford florida on top of police car

Florida Monkey Escapes Florida Man’s Home

This isn’t the usual story of a Florida man doing something absurd in a local neighborhood. Instead, the suspect of this case is a Florida monkey. That’s right, according to a pet monkey named Zeke escaped his cage in a Central Florida neighborhood on Monday morning. Just like a scene out of Jumanji, the monkey was found running through the streets causing terror when the Sanford Police Department arrived on the scene.

According to,

“Sanford police were called to investigate a report of a monkey eating mail from a mailbox in the Hidden Lakes Subdivision around 8 a.m.”

This is a real life case of ‘my dog ate my homework’. Can you imagine trying to explain that to a collections agency? “Sorry, I never received the bill. A monkey ate my mail.”

“Residents heading out for the day witnessed the unusual sight. Catina Mack said she was just passing through the neighborhood, when she saw the animal sitting on top of a truck.
Mack said the monkey didn’t seem dangerous, but it had big teeth, so she kept her windows up just to be safe. At one point, the animal jumped onto her car.”

Sounds like some serious monkey business was going on in that neighborhood.

“Before it was all over, the monkey, named Zeke, jumped onto several other cars, tore off some trim from an unmarked police cruiser and gave a street sign a good shake.
A neighbor who hears the monkey regularly said she would not have wanted to face it.
“They can hurt you definitely. He has some teeth. It wouldn’t be good if he got a hold of me,” said Chyanne David.
Police were able to capture the monkey by offering it a bottle of water. Its owner arrived to retrieve the animal a short time later.”

Shaking stop signs? Running through the streets? Surrendering to a bottle of water? Sounds like a college student that had too much to drink on a Friday night.

Zeke was successfully and safely returned to his owner without any injuries. The owner was cited for minor infractions of the monkey’s cage, and given a warning.

At the end of the day, this is just another scene out of the series, Jumanji: Florida Edition. Cut out the monkeying around, Zeke.


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