Mugshot of Florida man in front of a still shot of police sirens

Florida Man Thrown Out Of Bar, Swims To Another Bar, Gets Arrested

What’s a guy supposed to do when he gets kicked out of his favorite bar? Logically speaking, he should probably call a taxi, go home, take a shower and re-evaluate his life. Lucky for us, this Florida man decided to take a different route…

“On August 23rd, 29 year old Gregory Sorensen was kicked out of the Twisted Tuna restaurant in Port Salerno for fighting. Sorensen then “jumped in the river where he kept taunting customers,” Martin County Sheriff’s deputies said.”

Is there any other way to cool off after a bar fight?

“He swam to Shrimper’s Grill & Raw Bar and was reportedly “very intoxicated,” investigators said. A security officer from Shrimper’s said that while Sorenson was in the water he was “screaming at him trying to get him to fight,” TC Palm reports.”

The strangest part to me is that a Grill & Raw Bar named Shrimper’s would need security. Seriously, what type of crowd do these places attract? Something seriously fishy (pun intended) going on in Port Salerno.

“Deputies then ordered Sorensen to drop a pocket knife, and he was removed from the river, according to TC Palm.”

Don’t bring a (pocket) knife to a gun fight, Greg…

“He was arrested on charges that include causing a disturbance in a public place and resisting an officer without violence.”

You’ve successfully ruined yet another family outing, Greg. What’s next?



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