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“Florida Man: The Movie” is a real thing and we love it

It’s safe to say life in Florida is a bit… different. Maybe it’s because “winter” means Christmas lights on palm trees, and going to the zoo means taking a walk through a local neighborhood. Or maybe it’s because a drive through Florida could mean the difference between finding yourself in little Havana, or a redneck’s paradise depending which street you turn on. Either way, no one can argue that the Floridian lifestyle is unmatched by any state in the U.S, and that’s what Sean Dunne’s documentary: Florida Man, sets out to prove.

Dunne didn’t have a specific vision in mind when he started the project, just the inspiration to take a camera crew around and capture the voice of Floridians he found interesting. His filming method consisted of “driving around aimlessly, stopping any time [they] saw something or someone interesting” and allowing the universe to guide them in the right direction. Most (if not all) of his interviewees were intoxicated men more than willing to spout off their life story or offer sage advice to Dunne and his friends.


Take this Florida man for example, taking full advantage of the beach-goer lifestyle because “what better office is there than the beach?”

He then proceeds to educate us on his workout regimen- “beer curls” requiring nothing but a 16 oz. can of beer and some willpower. He also recognizes the importance of rewarding yourself after a hard workout, making sure to take swigs between every strenuous lift.



Next we are introduced to a Florida man whose passion is environmental conservation. He believes the government could be doing more to clean the public lakes and parks, stating, “They have ways to clean that crap man, they’re just not doing it.”

He then proceeds to throw his entire bike in the lake because “the guy he was going to give it to originally got on his nerves.” Glad to see you’re making a difference, sir!

It’s been said that Florida is years behind in the fashion industry when compared to other heavily populated states like New York or California, well this Florida man sure proved them wrong! Check out this fashionista sporting his cleverly designed shirt that says “Kiss My A**!” in Spanish. #diversity

While we’re on the topic of Florida fashion, let’s not forget this Florida man whose favorite part about the holiday season is dressing up as Santa Clause on a cruise ship, you know, for the kids? He says in the interview that the children would always ask why Santa was wearing “short pants”, but I really hope he was wearing a different shirt too because then the question might have been “Mommy, why is Santa wearing a shirt that says ‘Just like eggs, whip me, beat me, flip me over, then eat me’?” Merry Christmas everyone!



Now this next Florida man brings some serious talent to the table with his advice on coming to the state where “we live where you vacation.” He urges tourists to stay out of trouble because “come on vacation, leave on probation” is a phrase he’s seen come true one too many times. Party safe, kids.

This lovely Florida man you see here chuckin’ up the deuces outside a local Waffle House dropped some serious wisdom for the viewers at home about the origins of the human race, stating “we all came from star dust and we’ll all go back.” Neat!

This Florida man is here to help tourists answer the age old question of “what do people actually do in Florida?” He answers this question with elegance and grace as he explains how us locals all take at least 3 naps a day. “Early morning nap, late morning nap, middle of the day nap” he explains over the throbbing music from his favorite local bar.

There’s some slang terms we have here in Florida that are unique from anywhere else, some I didn’t even know myself. “Hoggin’” for example refers to the lucky guy who dances with the fattest girl at the bar and thus gets free drinks all night. If you’re new to Florida take notes from this Florida man, he knows all the local lingo.

Lastly I’d like to focus on this self-proclaimed chubby chaser’s friend, originally an outsider to the Floridian ways of life. He moved to the sunshine state a few years back as a hardcore “yankee” and is now proud to say he has upgraded to redneck status. Bravo, Northerner, bravo. It sounds like you are already adapting to the “Florida man” role quite well.

For a closer look at these wise philosophers of Florida, and many other Sunshine State natives check out the full, 50 minute documentary Florida Man!  for free on Vimeo

Author: Nichole Santana, September 2015

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