Florida Man Attempts To Sell Stolen Car Back To Owner

A Florida Man has single-handedly created an infinite source of income. And no, he’s not printing his own money or creating a new pyramid scheme…

“A Daytona Beach man was arrested after police said he tried to sell a stolen vehicle back to its owner.”

Selling something back to the person you stole it from, the perfect crime. Obviously they need a new one now, right? That’s when you swoop in with exactly what they need, their vehicle you just stole.

“Devin Holt-Thayer, 20, was charged with felony dealing in stolen property and felony grand theft Friday when police got a call from car owner Walter Potts. Potts told police he got a phone call from a man who said someone knew where his stolen car was, according to the police report.
Potts was told to meet at the Save-a-Lot, 288 Nova Road, with $150 and someone would bring him his car keys. Officers accompanied Potts, keeping an eye on the transaction from an unmarked car.”

Seems to be more like a hostage situation or a really weird Craigslist deal to me…

“When Thayer arrived at the Save-a-Lot, showed the keys and asked for the money officers approached the pair, the report states. When Thayer noticed the officers he ran away, heading east toward the parking lot of O’Reilly Auto Parts, 145 N. Nova. He tried to hide inside, police said.”
“Thayer was found in aisle and told police he had hid the keys. He then told police he was paid $10 to give the keys to Potts, the report states.”

This guy must be related to the guy that tried to blame a dog for his DUI. Everyone knows that cops LOVE to play hide and seek, solid way to lighten the mood huh?

“Thayer was also charged with misdemeanor resisting officers without violence and Potts wants to press charges, police said.
Thayer was being held Monday at the Volusia County Branch Jail on $2,500 bail.”

Maybe his plan wasn’t so ingenious after all. What does Thayer have to say about this? fuk da law

source: http://www.news-journalonline.com/article/20151019/NEWS/151019450/101025/frontpage?Title=Police-Daytona-Beach-man-attempts-to-sell-stolen-car-back-to-owner&tc=ar

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