New street drug Flakka found in Florida

Flakka, New Street Drug Destroying Florida

FLAKKA! And no I’m not talking about Waka Flocka Flame, but rather a new street drug sweeping the area codes of South Florida. This new drug has been steadily increasing in popularity over the past year, leaving hundreds in hospitals. Flakka is essentially a more hardcore cousin of bath salts- remember the man that went full cannibal in Miami? Yeah. Like that, but worse.

The popularity of Flakka is partially due to the drug’s efficiency. For the low cost of a few dollars, a users soul and a lifetime of side effects, one can smoke, inject, ingest, snort, sniff, or huff the substance to get high. Just one tenth of a gram of Alpha-PVP, the chemical name for Flakka, can send a user into a violently raging high.

The side effects can be summarized as simply as transforming into a zombie straight out of The Walking Dead. Check out this video of a young lady high on Flakka in South Florida.

According to WSVN Channel 7,

“Experts say people on Flakka often strip naked because their body temperatures get so high they think they’re on fire. But Flakka can also make a person violent. Something this user says he has seen first hand.
Flakka user: “I’ve been with people and one minute they’re totally kosh and the next minute they’re picking up like lead pipes and going crazy.”
And the violence doesn’t stop there.
Shane: “Scary because I’ve done many drugs and none of them ever had me want to commit suicide besides Flakka.”
Shane, who asked we only use his first name, is in rehab. He got hooked on Flakka and says he was ready to kill himself.”

Yeah, this stuff is serious. Flakka is not the one a hit wonder (like the Baha Men) of drugs. Once users catch a high they are immediately hooked to the extremely addictive substance.

The Flakka epidemic is destroying the streets of South Florida almost as quickly as a summer hurricane- the only difference is that Floridians don’t throw celebratory Flakka parties. With Halloween just around the corner, be careful not to confuse abusers of Flakka with children dressed as zombies this trick-or-treat season.


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