Screenshot of cops shutting down Pink Pony Strip Club

Father Brings 16 Year Old Daughter to Strip Club

One might think that an establishment titled as the “Pink Pony Club” would be great! Sounds like a combination of My Little Pony and Club Penguin or something. Well unfortunately this place isn’t even close to appropriate for kids. No, this isn’t a spin-off of Chuck-E-Cheese….it’s a strip club. Yup, this Florida man thought a strip club was the perfect place to spend some quality time with his daughter, age 16, and her 16 year old friend.

“The doors to the Pink Pony Club on Northwest 33rd Street were locked up tight Wednesday, hours after the raid by Doral Police and Code Compliance ended in the arrest of 59-year-old Jose Manuel Arguelles.
‘There’s allegations of unlawful activity by minors or unlawful activity that endangers minors at the night club and that was the basis our code enforcement and police department acted on it,’ Doral Police Lt. Carlos Arango said.
Arguelles allegedly took his own 16-year-old daughter and another girl to the club, and provided drinks and cocaine to the minors, police said. He was charged with child neglect, promoting sexual performance by a child and delivering a controlled substance to a child.”

This guy takes the Father of the Year award for sure!

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