Two people Fight in Tampa Publix deli over chicken dispute

Publix Chicken Fight Caught On Camera

Imagine this- you’re waiting in line at the Publix deli, frothing at the mouth, as you wait for your number to be called. The customer two green slips ahead of you is creating a hold up as long as I-4 traffic during rush hour. He begins causing a scene, arguing with the deli employee over a box of fried chicken. …

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Mugshot of Florida man in front of a still shot of police sirens

Florida Man Thrown Out Of Bar, Swims To Another Bar, Gets Arrested

What’s a guy supposed to do when he gets kicked out of his favorite bar? Logically speaking, he should probably call a taxi, go home, take a shower and re-evaluate his life. Lucky for us, this Florida man decided to take a different route… “On August 23rd, 29 year old Gregory Sorensen was kicked out of the Twisted Tuna restaurant …

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Screenshot of cops shutting down Pink Pony Strip Club

Father Brings 16 Year Old Daughter to Strip Club

One might think that an establishment titled as the “Pink Pony Club” would be great! Sounds like a combination of My Little Pony and Club Penguin or something. Well unfortunately this place isn’t even close to appropriate for kids. No, this isn’t a spin-off of Chuck-E-Cheese….it’s a strip club. Yup, this Florida man thought a strip club was the perfect …

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Screenshot of interview with Florida Pastor who thrwarted Robbery attempt

Attempted Armed Robbery In Melbourne Church Thwarted By Pastor and Son

A different form of “divine intervention” occurred this Sunday when 21-year-old John Grace attempted to stick up the Christian Fellowship Church. “Melbourne, FL – Pastor Les Snodgrass was in the middle of his sermon at Christian Fellowship Church preaching on the values of life when a man stood up in the congregation and pointed a BB gun at the pastor’s …

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