florida man who woke up from a coma and requested taco bell

Florida Man Wakes from Coma, First Words: “I Want Taco Bell”

In today’s edition of “Priorities” we’ve got a Florida man who was craving the luxurious taste of fast food tacos after waking up from a 48 day coma. Jake Booth has served his days as an Army Veteran and sheriff’s deputy and suffered from a heart attack after being admitted into the hospital for pneumonia. After doctors pondered whether or …

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Rare Flying Turtle Crashes Through Windshield on I-4

There was one thing on the mind of Turtle McTurtleFace, and that was flying like the Wright Brothers. This past Monday, one turtle’s dream came true. Nicole Bjanes was travelling to Deltona when Turtle McTurtleFace achieved his dreams of flight. Unfortunately, he flew through a windshield and came to a screeching halt. It took the Wright Brothers many attempts before they …

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bagels on a table

Hungry woman arrested for stealing bagel truck

It was a cool morning in Orange county. A Bagel King worker decided to pull up to the gas station at 2AM while making his morning deliveries. At some point, he left the truck on and stepped away, presumably to buy some coffee or use the bathroom, those graveyard shifts are no joke. It was this exact moment that 27-year-old …

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logo of amazon prime now

These 3 cities can now get online orders in TWO HOURS

THE FUTURE HAS ARRIVED. Those living in Orlando, Tampa, and Miami can now enjoy “Amazon Prime Now” which promises 2-HOUR DELIVERY ON A TON OF ITEMS.  Not sure about you guys, I think this is pretty great. You can get anything from food, to headphones, to clothes delivered to your house without ever leaving your couch. Some Floridians, however, are not …

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sign warning boaters of leaping fish

Florida Man Knocked Out Cold by Leaping Florida Fish

A warm day in Chiefland, Florida made the weather perfect for a day of fishing. As spring starts to rear its head many like to enjoy outdoor activities as the water warms up. It was a supposed to be a fun filled day for 62-year-old Florida Man Ronald Dick, he was competing in a fishing tournament with his son when …

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florida man mugshot

Florida Man named “Murder” charged with Murder

It starts pretty simple…27 year old Florida man, Courtney Lawrence, was arrested recently on murder charges in Bradenton with home invasion charges still pending. Nothing too crazy, right? Well it turns out this guy literally goes by the name “Murder” and has it tattooed across his neck. You can see it in the mugshot featured above, unfortunately there was only a low …

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florida marijuana decriminalized

Getting Caught with Weed to Cost Less than Speeding Tickets in Orlando

Orlando is the latest city to pass laws decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana. Starting October 1, possession of up to 20 grams of marijuana will cost you $100 for a first offense and $200 for as second offense, alternative sanctions include a substance abuse course and community service. These noncriminal infractions are a stark contrast from previous consequences which include …

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pet alligator riding a four wheeler

Florida’s Finest Vol. 6

Welcome to Florida’s Finest Vol. 6! This week has been the epitome of the “Florida Man”. It appears as though Floridians are channeling their “Florida Man” roots and are really trying to fuel the fire. There’s no lack of interesting occurrences this week, so without further adieu… Cops: “Pull over!” Florida Man: “Nah” A Fort Lauderdale motorcyclist has been eluding …

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Florida’s Finest Vol. 5

Welcome to another week highlighting the strangest occurrences and most interesting Florida news. With spring upon us we’re sure to see the hot and humid weather of our beautiful state drive some locals mad. A Fair Deal   A Florida drug dealer attempted to reach an agreement with Eustis PD, his proposal was to trade the combination to his safe …

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Florida’s Finest Vol. 4

Ding Ding Ding!!! Let’s get ready to rumble!!! This week was nothing short of interesting in the news, Florida may not be getting any more normal but at least some of the stories will get a chuckle out of you. Without further ado, let’s get started with this week’s “Florida’s Finest”! Lucky Number 34 39-year-old Sammy Luciano is somewhat of …

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