Saving The Florida Everglades, The Ultimate Test

“And folks, I’ve been photographing all over the world and I promise you, what we have here in the South, what we have in the Sunshine State, rivals anything else that I’ve seen. But yet our tourism industry is busy promoting all the wrong things. Before most kids are 12, they’ll have been to Disney World more times than they’ve …

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Florida’s Best Pumpkin Patches

Getting into the fall spirit in the Sunshine State can be difficult at times. When the only noticeable color changes are Northerners license plates, and autumn scents are only produced by candles and artificial air fresheners, Floridians will do anything they can to experience a true fall season. One of the greatest pastimes of Autumn is visiting a pumpkin patch. …

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Florida Man documentary of a man drinking a beer

“Florida Man: The Movie” is a real thing and we love it

It’s safe to say life in Florida is a bit… different. Maybe it’s because “winter” means Christmas lights on palm trees, and going to the zoo means taking a walk through a local neighborhood. Or maybe it’s because a drive through Florida could mean the difference between finding yourself in little Havana, or a redneck’s paradise depending which street you …

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sign depicting a warning for alligators and snakes

11 Reasons Why Florida and Australia Are Pretty Much Identical

Florida is home to all things crazy, and maintains the reputation of being the most unusual state in America. From the state’s eccentric population, to it’s unusual wild animals, Florida is often compared to the Land Down Under- Australia. Read through these 11 reasons why they’re practically the same place and decide for yourself. 1. Unusually large reptiles roam neighborhoods and streets like …

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Floridays A tribute to florida

Floridays: A Tribute To The Sunshine State

Between the bipolar weather, crazy citizens and even crazier tourists, it’s not often that Floridians are able to sit back and enjoy the natural amenities Florida has to offer. The Sunshine State is home to some of America’s most notable landmarks, rich in culture and history. “The Most Magical Place On Earth” may be located in the heart of the …

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disco roller skate dance off at sweetheart roller rink 1972 tampa florida

Incredible Photos From 1972 Florida Roller Rink

Photographer Bill Yates recently published a collection of photos from a roller rink in Tampa, Florida from 1972. Yates documented life in rural Florida while attending the University of South Florida, where he was working on a project for admittance to grad school at the Rhode Island School of Design. The photos are captured during an era of bell bottom …

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Lightning strikes in Florida oceans

Florida’s Craziest Lightning Photos

Florida holds the titles of “The Sunshine State” and “The Lightning Capital of The World”. Yeah, think about that one. On average, every year around 75 people are killed by lightning in the United States, 9 of those being in Florida. With hundreds of thousands of lightning strikes recorded annually in the area between Titusville and Orlando, this span of …

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Florida gator fans holding up natural light beers

10 Most Redneck Cities in Florida

Florida’s population is diverse enough for the state to be it’s own country. The Sunshine State has always been a zoo of cultures dating back to it’s founding years. Florida has been controlled by Spain, Great Britain, the Confederacy, France and the United States in it’s history. These cultural roots are still reflected in modern day Florida all across the …

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Cartoon postcard of Florida depicting the landmarks and cities of the sunshine state

10 Best Cities To Live In Florida

  From swampland to white sand beaches, Florida has a very diverse living area. Although the weather is unpredictable, exotic animals roam neighborhoods and majority of the people are absolutely insane, Florida is a pretty great place to live. That statement is proven by the thousands of Northerners that flock to The Sunshine State every year. Although these snowbirds reside in the …

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A gavel on top of a manilla folder with a Florida sunshine state graphic overlay

10 Weirdest Laws in Florida

  There is no easy way to put this- Florida is a weird place. The Sunshine State has a reputation of being home to the craziest people and stories. So, it shouldn’t be a big surprise to hear that Florida also enforces some of the most outlandish laws in America. Many of these laws date back to centuries ago, but …

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