9 Florida Springs You Need to Visit This Summer

With summer now upon us and the temperature rising, cooling off is on all of our minds here in Florida. With options like pools, the beaches and waterparks, there are plenty of ways to take a dip and swim away from the summer sun. But if you want to get away from over crowded beaches or avoid this seasons tourists, …

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Show Your #PrayForOrlando Support With These Pictures and Cover Photos

  In the wake of the horrific shooting that took place, social media has been bustling with support for the victims and their families. With your help we’ve also raised over $1700 so far on our GoFundMe. Below are some pictures you can utilize to show your support. Please consider donating to our GoFundMe in support of victims of this …

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This Fake Guestbook Prank by a Florida Tourist Is Hilarious

  Over in the Reddit world, user “obviousplant” likes to create humorous media like fake advertisements, reviews, recommendations, signs, book titles and “plant” them at random places in public (hence the name). Nothing like a little humor to mix up your day to day life right?  Recently, he decided to create a fake guestbook and leave it at a Florida AirBnB, …

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7 Classic Movies That Were Filmed In Florida

Los Angeles may be the movie production capital of the United States, but Florida does see plenty of cinematic action come around it’s way. With it’s beautiful sunny beaches, various swamps and outdoor recreation spaces, it’s not hard to see how Florida can be used as a location for hundreds of movies. So we’ve put together a list of seven films that …

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suviche dish from south florida

6 South Florida Restaurants Where You Can Eat Like a King

While we love our tanning and beach days, people sometimes overlook the amazing food we have in this state. Among many of Florida’s strong qualities, the food certainly isn’t lacking. So, if you live in Soflo and are looking for a tasty bite to eat, then we have you covered. Here are six of the best South Florida restaurants.   You …

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ariana grande florida celebrity

8 Celebrities That Live In The Sunshine State

Florida isn’t only about sandy beaches, sunshine and oranges. We have a lot of talent that brews in Florida. If you’re from Florida, you already know these local celebrities, if not, take a look, you may recognize some of these famous names. If you don’t know who Carrot Top is, then you must have lived under a rock – especially …

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florida summer floating on a pizza floaty device

7 Summer Essentials That No Floridian Can Live Without

Living in Florida we all know that the summer time here isn’t like any other season – It’s one you have to prepare for.  So it’s time to brush up on some of the essentials every Floridian should own to make this years summer one to remember. S’Well Stainless Steel Water Bottle We all know how hot it gets in the summer …

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florida horse statue in ocala

8 Florida Treasures That Only Natives Know About

Not really interested in boring tourist attractions? We don’t blame you. Though Florida’s top tourist attractions can be a great experience, as residents of the state their novelty wears off pretty quickly. Sometimes you just want to get to get away from the crowds and witness some of the natural beauty that Florida has to offer – and it has …

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stock photo of a delicious burger

6 Amazing Central Florida Restaurants That Will Blow You Away

In Florida we’re all about the sunshine, the beach and of course, the food. While it’s easy to go to Chipotle or Publix – variety is always a good thing. Don’t know where to go though? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Here are the 6 of the best Central Florida restaurants. What can we say about this place – …

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florida skydiver with instructor attached

The Ultimate Florida Summer Bucket List – Part 1

Florida is a vast state with a diverse population and an endless amount of things to do. If you don’t want to look like a tourist at Disney, check out some of these alternative activities and have a blast this summer. Iconically known for its beautiful coast, Florida is home to many beaches that you should definitely go to this Summer. …

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