picture of pizza from satchels in florida

5 Essential North Florida Restaurants You Have to Visit

Everyone loves a delicious meal. If you’re up in the North Florida area, you’ll want to know where a good place is to grab a bite. You have the beautiful weather and turquoise water, now all you need is some tasty food. We have you covered. Below, are some of the best places to go in the North Florida area. …

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water slide at rapids water park florida

6 Best Water Parks in Florida

If you’re from Florida, you know something about the heat. And when you’re sweating, all you want is to dip into a cold pool of water. Well, us Floridians are well prepared with water parks all over the state. If you want to have a fun and thrilling time while cooling off, you need to head to one of our …

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12 Things Floridians Are Extremely Thankful For During the Summer

If you’re a Floridian, then you know about the summers. You know perfectly well. If you’re thinking about spending your summer in Florida – we welcome you with sweaty open arms. Actually, don’t touch any of us, this will only make us more sweaty. Here are 14 things that we Floridians are ever so thankful for during the summer. SPF …

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tacky florida tourists

7 Reasons Why We Should Give Florida Tourists A Little More Credit

  Even though we may complain about the swarm of tourists that come to Florida during Spring Break or really any time of the year, we secretly love them. Sure, they may drive slowly but drink a little too much, but without them, as a state, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Here are seven reasons why we love …

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winter florida

5 Way To Make it Feel Like Winter in Florida

Even though Florida is toasty and warm during the Christmas season it doesn’t mean we can’t get into the spirit of snowflakes and Santa. It may take a little more creativity and effort, but, if you want to experience winter as traditionally as possible, aka cold weather, then we have some ideas for you. Here are the 5 ways to …

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A Community Comes Together Like Never Before After Orlando’s Toughest Week

It has now been a week since Orlando experienced its darkest hour. A moment in time where a man entered a predominantly gay Orlando night club and began to fire at innocent club goers with a semi-automatic rifle, killing 49 of them and where 50 more were sent to Orlando Regional Medical Center for critical care. Needless to say, with such a horrific display of …

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Florida’s Weather Is The Reason I Have Trust Issues

You’d think we humans have enough trust issues as it is. But not for us Floridians- we have the weather to also add onto our list. If you’re simply a tourist, you probably have this image in your mind that you can wear flip flops here for the rest of your life and party for the entire year on the …

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5 Places in Florida to Take Your Dad This Father’s Day

The great thing about living in Florida, is that we know every Father’s day will be filled with the Florida sunshine. So, since we have the good weather down, all we need to do is figure out how to celebrate this day with our dads. If you’re thinking of what to do for your father on Father’s day, we have …

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tortuga music festival fort lauderdale florida

8 Awesome Florida Music Festivals

Florida Music Festivals are among the best Florida isn’t just full of old people and drunk college kids on spring break. If you take a closer look, it’s filled with amazingly lush nature, pristine beaches and tasty food. But, did you know about our music festivals? Sure, there’s Coachellam Bonaroo and Burning Man, but Florida is bustling with an array …

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florida state university

The Top 5 Colleges in Florida

Alongside our beautiful beaches, destinations, and people it’s no secret that Florida is home to some great universities. Colleges in the Sunshine State feature robust academic programs alongside athletic powerhouses, sprawling Greek Life, and great social scenes. Florida is one of the best places to be to get an amazing all-around college experience. Here are our top 5: 1. Florida State …

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