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Boca Man Robs Uber Driver with Infected Needle

I frequently look up these “Florida Man” stories to share with you guys on this site, and every day I’m more surprised. I mean I’ve seen guys dressing up as women and robbing stores, young teenagers stealing cars, but this one is definitely out there.

A Boca Raton resident with three first names, Matthew Steven Francis, decided he wanted to pick up some cash after a casual day indulging in heroin, meth, and crack. He hatched a plan to steal it, but he needed a weapon…after some thought he decided an HIV-infected needle would do the trick!

So Francis calls an Uber around midnight and hops in the car at a 7-Eleven, armed with the needle, right? At some point he threatens to infect the driver and robs him of his wallet, cellphone and car keys.

Fortunately, police found Francis and put him in jail, although it’s unknown if the HIV got transmitted. The driver handed over his stuff to Francis, so my bets are that he’s safe.

Moral of the story? Stay in school and listen to this guy

lion from DARE drug program

-via the Palm Beach Post

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