Bryan Dickey

Bryan is the founder of ThingsFloridiansLike and a Floridian native. He enjoys exploring the Sunshine State from coast to coast, while experiencing all that Florida has to offer. His favorite thing about Florida is the non-existent winter. And his least favorite thing about Florida is the tourists.

Flakka, New Street Drug Destroying Florida

New street drug Flakka found in Florida

FLAKKA! And no I’m not talking about Waka Flocka Flame, but rather a new street drug sweeping the area codes of South Florida. This new drug has been steadily increasing in popularity over the past year, leaving hundreds in hospitals. Flakka is essentially a more hardcore cousin of bath salts- remember the man that went full cannibal in Miami? Yeah. …

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Florida’s Craziest Lightning Photos

Lightning strikes in Florida oceans

Florida holds the titles of “The Sunshine State” and “The Lightning Capital of The World”. Yeah, think about that one. On average, every year around 75 people are killed by lightning in the United States, 9 of those being in Florida. With hundreds of thousands of lightning strikes recorded annually in the area between Titusville and Orlando, this span of …

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10 Most Redneck Cities in Florida

Florida gator fans holding up natural light beers

Florida’s population is diverse enough for the state to be it’s own country. The Sunshine State has always been a zoo of cultures dating back to it’s founding years. Florida has been controlled by Spain, Great Britain, the Confederacy, France and the United States in it’s history. These cultural roots are still reflected in modern day Florida all across the …

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Publix Chicken Fight Caught On Camera

Two people Fight in Tampa Publix deli over chicken dispute

Imagine this- you’re waiting in line at the Publix deli, frothing at the mouth, as you wait for your number to be called. The customer two green slips ahead of you is creating a hold up as long as I-4 traffic during rush hour. He begins causing a scene, arguing with the deli employee over a box of fried chicken. …

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10 Best Cities To Live In Florida

Cartoon postcard of Florida depicting the landmarks and cities of the sunshine state

  From swampland to white sand beaches, Florida has a very diverse living area. Although the weather is unpredictable, exotic animals roam neighborhoods and majority of the people are absolutely insane, Florida is a pretty great place to live. That statement is proven by the thousands of Northerners that flock to The Sunshine State every year. Although these snowbirds reside in the …

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10 Weirdest Laws in Florida

A gavel on top of a manilla folder with a Florida sunshine state graphic overlay

  There is no easy way to put this- Florida is a weird place. The Sunshine State has a reputation of being home to the craziest people and stories. So, it shouldn’t be a big surprise to hear that Florida also enforces some of the most outlandish laws in America. Many of these laws date back to centuries ago, but …

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10 Childhood Memories Only Florida Natives Can Relate To

Satirical Florida photo collage of girl riding an alligator in an orange grove near a publix

  Growing up Floridian creates special memories that only Sunshine State children understand. From spending countless hours in the sun (and rain after 3 P.M. in the summer), to sprinting through aisles of Publix towards the bakery in search of free cookies, spending your childhood in Florida is unlike growing up in any other state. If you were born in …

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We Finally Know Where Florida Lovebugs Came From

Cartoon of a car driving through a swarm of lovebugs

If you grew up in Florida, or have lived in the state for more than one full year, you know what a lovebug is. You may not know the pesky flying bug by name, but if you have driven near lowlands at night in Florida, you have definitely met the wrath of the lovebug. It is no hidden secret that Floridians …

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The REAL Geographic Breakdown of Florida

Funny geographic breakdown of Florida

Florida is a state built on a foundation of historical pride rooted in heritage. Many native Floridians have grown up and developed their entire lives in the Sunshine State, often times in one area. Though Northerners may look at our state as a broad generalization of white sand beaches, and perfect weather year round, locals that grew up in Florida know Florida …

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