Bryan Dickey

Bryan is the founder of ThingsFloridiansLike and a Floridian native. He enjoys exploring the Sunshine State from coast to coast, while experiencing all that Florida has to offer. His favorite thing about Florida is the non-existent winter. And his least favorite thing about Florida is the tourists.

Update: Homeless Florida Man Begs For Art Supplies

gofundme campaign for homeless florida artist jon masters

We originally brought you the story of a homeless street artist, Jon Masters, last week. Masters and his dog are located in Pensacola, Florida near Near Navy Blvd. where he creates amazing paintings with donations from generous Floridians. After an unfortunate turn of events between a petty arrest and his house boat sinking, Masters fell on hard times, forcing him …

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Publix Donates $4 Million To Florida Communities

Publix presents a donation check to habitat for humanity

Living in Florida often spoils natives of the Sunshine State- months of sunshine, hundreds of miles of coastal land and paradise weather most of the year. One of the most prevalent elements of the state Floridians take for granted is the Publix franchise. Originating in Lakeland, Florida, Publix has become a huge part of Florida’s culture over the past four …

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Florida Teen Set On Fire, Runs Down Street

florida teen is burned while attempting fire challenge

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Florida is widely known as one of the hottest states in country. With temperatures reaching highs of over 100 degrees at some points in the year, and summer-like weather spanning 6 months, the heat can make residents of the Sunshine State feel as if they are on fire at times. After yesterday, a Florida teen …

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14 Year Old Surfer Punches Shark, New Smyrna Beach

bloody hand from shark attack in new smyrna beach florida

The surf was up on the east coast of Florida this past weekend, and so were the shark fins. Notoriously known as the “Shark Bite Capital of The World”, New Smyrna Beach is a popular beach destination for locals and tourists. When you put hundreds of beach goers in a sharks home, the results are sometimes a little bloody. On …

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“Florida Man: The Movie” is a real thing and we love it

Florida Man documentary of a man drinking a beer

It’s safe to say life in Florida is a bit… different. Maybe it’s because “winter” means Christmas lights on palm trees, and going to the zoo means taking a walk through a local neighborhood. Or maybe it’s because a drive through Florida could mean the difference between finding yourself in little Havana, or a redneck’s paradise depending which street you …

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11 Reasons Why Florida and Australia Are Pretty Much Identical

sign depicting a warning for alligators and snakes

Florida is home to all things crazy, and maintains the reputation of being the most unusual state in America. From the state’s eccentric population, to it’s unusual wild animals, Florida is often compared to the Land Down Under- Australia. Read through these 11 reasons why they’re practically the same place and decide for yourself. 1. Unusually large reptiles roam neighborhoods and streets like …

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Python Attacks Florida News Reporter On Camera: Video

burmese python attacks florida news anchor on camera

Over the past decade Florida has become home to an exotic species invading the Sunshine State. No, I’m not talking about Snowbirds or Northerners. The un-welcomed guests are that of Burmese pythons, and the visitors are slithering into South Florida quicker than Northerners straight into retirement. In fact, just this past week an 8 foot python was found in a …

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Floridays: A Tribute To The Sunshine State

Floridays A tribute to florida

Between the bipolar weather, crazy citizens and even crazier tourists, it’s not often that Floridians are able to sit back and enjoy the natural amenities Florida has to offer. The Sunshine State is home to some of America’s most notable landmarks, rich in culture and history. “The Most Magical Place On Earth” may be located in the heart of the …

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Florida Monkey Escapes Florida Man’s Home

Escape monkey in sanford florida on top of police car

This isn’t the usual story of a Florida man doing something absurd in a local neighborhood. Instead, the suspect of this case is a Florida monkey. That’s right, according to a pet monkey named Zeke escaped his cage in a Central Florida neighborhood on Monday morning. Just like a scene out of Jumanji, the monkey was found running through …

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Incredible Photos From 1972 Florida Roller Rink

disco roller skate dance off at sweetheart roller rink 1972 tampa florida

Photographer Bill Yates recently published a collection of photos from a roller rink in Tampa, Florida from 1972. Yates documented life in rural Florida while attending the University of South Florida, where he was working on a project for admittance to grad school at the Rhode Island School of Design. The photos are captured during an era of bell bottom …

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