Bryan Dickey

Bryan is the founder of ThingsFloridiansLike and a Floridian native. He enjoys exploring the Sunshine State from coast to coast, while experiencing all that Florida has to offer. His favorite thing about Florida is the non-existent winter. And his least favorite thing about Florida is the tourists.

EDC Orlando Ticket Giveaway

Central Florida’s largest music festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, is returning to the Sunshine State again this year, bigger and better than ever. EDC is taking over Orlando, Florida on November 4, and November 5, for the event’s sixth year. Electric Daisy Carnival is one of the state’s largest music events with the the top electronic music artists from around the world. The …

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The Official Hurricane Party Playlist

Hurricane Party Playlist

Hurricane Matthew is just hours away from making landfall in the Sunshine State, and the hurricane parties are about to kick off. After the booze is bought and your “canned goods” (beers) are stocked, it’s time to get the party started. Are you wanting to blow your neighbors away with the best hurricane party on the block? This official hurricane …

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Pepsi Country Gulf Coast Jam Ticket Giveaway

Country Gulf Coast Jam

Looking for plans this Labor Day Weekend in the Sunshine State? ThingsFloridiansLike has got you covered! We thought what more do Floridians love more than country music, sunshine and the beach? The only thing we love more, is doing it all for FREE. That’s why we have teamed up with Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam to giveaway 2 general admission passes to …

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Find Out Where Florida Ranks For Worst Drivers In America

Miami, Florida traffic

Florida was recently named a winner. No, unfortunately we did not win any professional sports championships (again). Florida was titled as the state with “The Worst Drivers In The Nation”. Surprised? Neither are we. A recent study from SmartAsset has confirmed this fact that we have all been denying for years. The research collected included driving statistics such as the …

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Growing Up Floridian, The Funniest Floridian Memories

Satirical Florida photo collage of girl riding an alligator in an orange grove near a publix

  It’s no hidden secret that Florida is a unique state. The Sunshine State is notoriously known as the home to bizarre news stories, visitors from all corners of the world, dinosaur-like animals and notably strange weather patterns. The unusual life Florida create experiences that mold Floridians into the unique individuals that they are. Floridians have taken to Twitter to …

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Floridian Words and Phrases Explained

florida urban dictionary

Floridians are a unique breed with roots that often stretch from across the country and world. From the Floridian Natives, to the Northerners that permanently migrated to the Sunshine State, Florida is full of various cultures and heritage. Although Florida is home to a large spectrum of diversity, there are many Floridian words and phrases that only true Floridians will …

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What Your Floridian Bumper Sticker Says About You – Part 2

floridian bumper stickers

    Florida bumper stickers are a unique bunch, here is another truth bomb about the meanings behind these bumper stickers: Ron Jon Surf Shop “Yea, I surf, bro.” Look out for small sedans with soft-sided surfboards attached to the roof, flopping in the wind, and you’ll see this sticker proudly displayed on their rear bumper. Usually traveling from inland …

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What Your Favorite Florida Theme Park Says About You

Central Florida is home to some of the world’s most popular theme parks and roller coasters. Hundreds of thousands of tourists travel to the Sunshine State from all over the world every year to visit Florida’s un-natural attractions. Since these amusement parks are located basically in Central Floridian’s backyards, they are able to visit them quite often. Each park offers …

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What Your Floridian Bumper Sticker Says About You – Part 1

Floridian bumper stickers

With a high tourist rate and notoriously bad drivers, navigating Florida’s highway system can be quite the adventure. The interstates have two extremes- senior citizens congesting the right lanes at 45 mph, and amateur NASCAR drivers pretending they are racing in the Daytona 500 in the left lane. Driving on the roads of Florida can often be overwhelming if you don’t know what …

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Florida Woman Fighting To Keep 6 Foot Pet Alligator

alligator and woman on motorcycle

A Florida woman, Mary Thorn, is working to keep her 125 pound pet alligator in her Lake City home. Thorn is fighting the state to keep her trained pet alligator that wears clothes, rides motorcycles and lives in it’s own bedroom. Thorn’s 6-foot pet reptile has grown past Florida’s regulation size, forcing the woman to provide 2.5 acres of land …

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