Screenshot of interview with Florida Pastor who thrwarted Robbery attempt

Attempted Armed Robbery In Melbourne Church Thwarted By Pastor and Son

BCSO Image | Melbourne Police Dept arrested John Grace for attempting to commit an armed robbery of the congregation at the Christian Fellowship Church this past Sunday.

A different form of “divine intervention” occurred this Sunday when 21-year-old John Grace attempted to stick up the Christian Fellowship Church.

“Melbourne, FL – Pastor Les Snodgrass was in the middle of his sermon at Christian Fellowship Church preaching on the values of life when a man stood up in the congregation and pointed a BB gun at the pastor’s 76-year-old mother then demanding cash”

You’d think the first half of a church service that was “preaching on the values of life” might make someone reconsider pulling a BB gun on an elderly woman, guess not.

“Grace told the seven churchgoers in the congregation to tie themselves up with the zip ties he threw at them. Grace demanded cash from the churchgoers and threatened to shoot anyone who did not follow his instructions”

Churchgoers?! Must’ve been a slow day…

“That’s when Pastor Snodgrass slowly approached Grace and began to reason with him. Once the pastor got close enough, he made his move, swiftly tackling Grace to the ground. Grace also had a knife that the pastor estimated to be ten inches in length. Darius Snodgrass, the pastor’s son, stepped in to help and managed to take the toy gun and knife away from Grace, according to the Melbourne Police Department. Police arrived quickly and arrested John Grace for the robbery. Police later found a bag belonging to him with duct tape and a tom cloth inside”

Sounds like Pastor Snodgrass might be able to spike attendance with some free self-defense seminars. Either way, hats off to them for taking down this guy and keeping the State of Florida safe from yet another criminal mastermind.


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