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An Ode to Sweet Tea

Life without sweet tea is no life at all. Seriously, you’re not living until you’ve had sweet tea. If you’re not from the south, you won’t understand the beauty of sweet tea… and we all know that sweet tea is life. This sugary nectar takes us to another place that feels exactly like home. When you have a good glass of ice cold sweet tea and take a sip from that chilled glass, nothing can replace the happiness that you feel as the cool beverage goes down. Florida has great sweet tea, and we hope you never have to go to a place that doesn’t have it. In fact, if you go up north and ask for it at a restaurant, it doesn’t exist.

Here’s a typical out-of-state sweet tea-related conversation:

Me: “A sweet tea for me, please”
Person: “You mean iced tea with sugar?”
Me: “No, I mean sweet tea.”
Person: “I can bring you… iced tea with sugar?”
Me: “…just bring me a water please”

Some of us cannot hold back our disappointment by the time the server comes. We must explain to them about sweet tea! If only everyone knew the magic of this magnificent drink… America would be so different.

People outside of the south don’t seem to really understand the word “sweet”. When we say sweet tea, we mean sweet tea. A teaspoon of sugar isn’t gonna cut it. You think it wouldn’t be so hard to replicate – make tea and put some sugar into it when it’s hot and then cool it in the fridge. If you’re going to put sweet tea on your menu, you should be legally obligated to attend a six-week sweet tea workshop in Florida.
This magic drink holds many powers; it brings people together, brings families together, creates happiness. Sweet tea will never abandon you, talk back to you, cheat on you, or ever let you down.

As you can see, sweet tea is far more than just a drink. Sweet tea is heart, sweet tea is soul, sweet tea is life.

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