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These 3 cities can now get online orders in TWO HOURS


Those living in Orlando, Tampa, and Miami can now enjoy “Amazon Prime Now” which promises 2-HOUR DELIVERY ON A TON OF ITEMS. 

Not sure about you guys, I think this is pretty great. You can get anything from food, to headphones, to clothes delivered to your house without ever leaving your couch. Some Floridians, however, are not quite ready for the future. I had a conversation the other day with an older co-worker about this:

Me: “Have you seen the new Amazon Prime Now?”

Him: “No, what is it?”

Me: “2-hour, same-day delivery on Amazon..food, clothes, office supplies, you name it”

Him: “Why don’t you just go to the store?”

Me: “Why the hell would I do that if I can order it online?”

Him: “…”

Amazon is even testing 1-hour food delivery in some cities, just none in Florida yet.

I welcome our new, futuristic services and look forward to ordering everything I possibly can from it.

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