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15 Things Floridians Are More Afraid of Than Hurricanes

There are many dangers that come with living in Florida. From iguanas running the streets like stray cats, to tourists driving down the wrong side of the highway, Florida causes many residents of the Sunshine State to live in a constant state of fear.

One would think the most fearsome element of Florida life would be the severe weather Florida becomes a target of every year. Wrong. In fact, Floridians have become quite accustomed to the extreme summer weather. Natives have proven their lack of fear towards tropical storms true by throwing hurricane parties.

If you live in Florida, you will understand these 15 things Floridians are more afraid of than hurricanes.

1. Weather below 70°

2. Sunburns
3. Touching the seatbelt in the summer

4. Driving next to senior citizens


5. Losing their tan during winter
6. Publix running out of chicken tenders

8. Having a stare-down with Sandhill Cranes

Sandhill crane

9. Not finding parking in the shade

10. Peeling
11. Having to give tourists directions
12. Afternoon rain ruining their beach day

Florida weather

13. I-4 during rush hour

14.”Cold” fronts

15. Losing satellite TV signal during thunderstorms

These are serious concerns. You are not alone Floridians. We are here for you.


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  1. 7 & 8 are real. Seat belt tabs become branding irons and those birds are not afraid of you.

  2. Has more Tanning Salon’s than McDonalds. That’s because McDonalds doesn’t have tanning beds they aren’t a salon.

    All of these are first world issues. Just saying.

  3. You don’t fuck with someone’s Pub Sub. Period.

  4. Whoever said I-4 has never driven 826 or I-95 in Miami Dade County 😫 😆

  5. anitathepianist

    Having to leave Florida for some other state….

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