bloody hand from shark attack in new smyrna beach florida

14 Year Old Surfer Punches Shark, New Smyrna Beach

The surf was up on the east coast of Florida this past weekend, and so were the shark fins. Notoriously known as the “Shark Bite Capital of The World”, New Smyrna Beach is a popular beach destination for locals and tourists. When you put hundreds of beach goers in a sharks home, the results are sometimes a little bloody. On Sunday, another victim was added to the history book of NSB shark attacks, validating the destinations reputation. This has been the second shark attack at New Smyrna Beach in two weeks.

According to CNN,

“A blacktip shark bit a teenager at a Volusia County, Florida, beach Sunday, local officials told CNN.
The 14-year-old boy was surfing with four friends at New Smyrna Beach and paddling out when he encountered the 4- or 5-foot-long blacktip shark, a species common in the area, Volusia County Beach Safety spokesman Capt. Aaron Jenkins said.”

So maybe it wasn’t exactly a scene out of Jaws, but these sharks can do some damage. mind some human flesh for an afternoon snack. Swimmers fingers probably look like a large fry from McDonald’s to sharks while paddling out- how can you blame them?

“The shark bit the teen “on the left hand and he punched it away and it only bit him one time,” Jenkins said. “And then he turned around and paddled to shore and he flagged down one of the beach safety officers and they treated him on scene.”
Jenkins said the boy had some “pretty significant lacerations” and was taken to Halifax Health Medical Center in Daytona Beach.”

While being attacked, the boy punched the shark on the head to scare it away. What a bad ass. He was attacked by a shark, then goes straight bare knuckles to a wild animal the size of himself, AND paddles back to the beach? Someone get this guy in the ring with Floyd Mayweather. The surfer made it to the local hospital and was treated for his battle scars. The bite laceration was stitched together and he is facing minor ligament damage.

Sorry guys, but I think he’s going to have the coolest story at the lunch table today. It’s just another day in the life of a Floridian.

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