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12 Things Floridians Do To Make It Feel Like Fall

Florida’s weather is consistently above 80 degrees for a majority of the year. The state nicknamed “The Sunshine State” does not need much explanation as to how it earned it’s title since the summer season dominates most of the year. Unfortunately, with the constant sunny weather comes a lack of seasonal changes.

Florida does not experience the traditional four seasons the rest of the world does. The real seasons Floridians experience are summer, hurricane season, tourist season and love bug season.

Instead of the beautiful changes the typical fall season brings, Florida attracts tourists from out of state. Making the only color changes Floridians see during “fall” are out-of-state license plates on the highway. Although residents don’t experience Autumn naturally, we try to artificially. Check out these 8 things Floridians do to make it feel like fall:

1) Set the air conditioning to 64 degrees

4) Set ceiling fans to high
5) Pumpkin spice everything

6) Fake pumpkins
7) Posting “sweater weather” when the temperature drops below 75 degrees

8) Hot chocolate
9) Cinnamon brooms

10) Fake orange and yellow leaves around the house
11) Go to Disney for the fall festival

12) Sit by fake fireplaces on tv

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