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11 Things Floridians Like More Than Cold Weather

Living in Florida, the terms “winter” and “cold weather” are not used the often together in the same sentence. In fact, most Floridians winter wardrobes are no more than three days worth of shirts with sleeves, and one pair of closed toed shoes. Living in a state with an average annual temperature of 70 degrees can cause some hysteria when a “cold” front visits the Sunshine State for weekend.

Although Floridians may complain about mosquitos and tourists most of the year, there’s nothing we hate more than “cold” weather. In fact, we don’t like sub-tropic temps we compiled a list of 11 things Floridians probably like more than cold weather.


screenshot of man sweating profusely

Ever take a shower and then sweat excessively two minutes after? Welcome to Florida. You’re sticky, tired and frankly pissed off at the whole concept of humidity. But we would take the forsaken Florida humidity over 55 degree weather any day. Besides, the humidity is just an excuse to have to hit the backyard pool or relax at the beach.



We don’t need snow days, we have our own hurricane days thrown into our vacation time. Am I locked in my house with no power? Yes. Do I have to put on pants? No. Case closed.

hurricane over the state of florida saying you are here


There’s something soothing about getting a sunburn on your walk from your car into Publix. It’s subtle reminder that we live in paradise 360 days out of the year. I’ll take the warm weather and excess UV exposure over a cold front any day!

Going to Disney on a Saturday

That’s right, even though we have world famous theme parks in our backyard that we could visit any other day, we would still wait in lines on the busiest day of the week. In fact, I would rather wait in the Splash Mountain line for two hours in a tank top and sandals, rather than bundling up in socks and jackets to brave the cold weather. Although, this one isn’t that surprising since Floridians were born and raised to handle warm weather and long traffic lines.

Haunted Mansion ride at disney wait time


The only distance that stands between “The Shark Attack Capital of The World” and “The World’s Most Famous Beach” is a city limit sign. That’s right New Smyrna Beach and Daytona Beach are two world known beaches for very contradicting reasons, but are only separated by less than a mile and city names on a map. Floridians flock these beaches and oceans full of sharks every weekend, but won’t dare step away from their propane fireplaces if the weather drops below 40 degrees.

Clearly Floridians are much more afraid of cold weather than sharks.

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

I-4, I-95 and I-75

There’s nothing worse than sitting in traffic on Florida’s highways caused by confused out of state drivers. Except for weather below 70 degrees. I would rather wait in traffic on the way to the beach during summer than bundling up in multiple layers for two weeks during “winter” in Florida.

highway traffic in miami florida


Lovebugs only survive in weather above 75 degrees in Florida. Enough said.

Florida lovebugs mating

Parallel Parking

Floridians parallel parking is not only a battle but a comedy show in itself. The whole state is almost incapable of parallel parking, why do it if we don’t have to? But honestly, I’ll parallel park anytime, any day if I don’t have to put a long sleeve shirt on.

car failing at a parallel park

Spring Breakers

Because who doesn’t love a swarm of young hormonal adults crowding the beaches with their half-naked bodies and vomit. But, are they better than 59 degree weather? 110%


Our unofficial state mascot, Florida is the perfect blend of moisture and heat to make for the perfect breeding ground. Honestly though, I start to miss these guys when I see a weather forecast below 50 degrees.

Two huge florida mosquitoes

Florida’s natural wildlife

Even though living in Florida is like living in a daily game of real life Jumanji, the wildlife is quite beautiful. There is something special about seeing a black bear laying in your backyard hammock, an alligator swimming in your pool or giant iguanas roaming South Florida neighborhoods like stray cats. Without our tropical weather Florida’s natural wildlife wouldn’t be able to survive. These wild animals may add a little danger to daily life, but I would rather have them over cold weather any day.

What else do you guys like more than cold weather? Let us know in the comments!

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