10 Things Floridians Could Buy With Powerball Jackpot

Since November 7th, the Florida Powerball jackpot has rolled 17 times – leading to the largest jackpot in the country currently at an estimated $450 million.

This pot is the highest Florida has seen in 20 years. To put that in perspective, 20 years ago Dan Marino was still slinging touchdowns for the Miami Dolphins.

Life is a numbers game, and the odds of winning this large number are roughly 246 million to 1 – but hey, it only takes one ticket to quit your job, tell your boss off, and retire on a beautiful Florida beach in a mansion the size of the states capital.

Here at ThingsFloridiansLike, we love numbers so we decided to compile a list of ways your average Floridian could spend $450 million in the Sunshine State.

Chicken tender subs from Publix

Publix chicken tender sub with chips

One-day tickets to Disney World. That’s ¼ of the entire population of Florida
Florida resident disney ticket

The Miami Heat
Valued at $425 Million, the Miami Heat basketball team could be yours and you would even have some pocket change to buy a few drinks in South Beach after
Miami Heat basketball team logo

arnold palmer iced tea 30 pack

Years of in-state tuition at the University of Florida
Ben Hill Griffin stadium University of Florida

Gallons of Florida’s Natural Premium (No Pulp) Orange Juice
Florida's Natural Premium  orange juice

Bottles of Landshark lager
Landshark Lager beer bottle

Key West’s finest key lime pies
Publix key lime pie

Tickets to Ultra Music Festival 2016
Ultra music festival main stage in Miami Florida

banana boat sport performance SPF 30

Or you can test your luck again and head down to your local Seminole Indian Casino and put it all on red.

The next jackpot drawing on Wednesday Jan. 6th, 2016. Good luck Floridians!

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