Satirical Florida photo collage of girl riding an alligator in an orange grove near a publix

10 Childhood Memories Only Florida Natives Can Relate To


Growing up Floridian creates special memories that only Sunshine State children understand. From spending countless hours in the sun (and rain after 3 P.M. in the summer), to sprinting through aisles of Publix towards the bakery in search of free cookies, spending your childhood in Florida is unlike growing up in any other state. If you were born in the 90’s and refer to yourself as a native Floridian, you will understand these 10 memories of growing up

1. Taking a field trip to St. Augustine in elementary school

2. Taking a picture with Plato the Publixaurus

3. Watching NASA shuttle launches from the backyard

4. Going to Publix for free cookies



5. Surviving the hurricanes of 2004

6. The FCAT

7. Going to school sunburned on Mondays

8. Taking last minute weekend trips to theme parks

9. Lathering up in sunscreen by day…and bug spray by night

10. And last but not least, riding on the back of an alligator through orange groves on the way to Publix for a Pub Sub

All in all, growing up in Florida taught me that I would not have wanted to spend my childhood anywhere else.

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  1. Didn’t do the St. Augustine trip, but did go to the Flagler Mansion and the Bell & Ford Homes. The rest was spot on, man.

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