Cartoon postcard of Florida depicting the landmarks and cities of the sunshine state

10 Best Cities To Live In Florida

6. Key West

The Caribbean city stuck in America. Key West is the furthest south city in the continental United States, and really is a tropical land like no other. If you were to travel 13 hours from Key West to the Panhandle, you would experience every aspect the state of Florida has to offer. Once you reach mile marker 0 on the highway, you are likely to pass biker gangs sporting pastel painted 50cc scooters and Hawaiian print shirts. If you’ve never seen the landscape of Key West, press play on a Jimmy Buffet track and close your eyes- what you vision is exactly that of Key West. Blue water, sandy streets and bright colored buildings inhabit this tropical town. The residents of Key West fit the profile of “beach bum” to a picture perfect definition, and they embrace it. The island locals are an extremely tight-knit community with living in paradise personalities, and they make Key West a very unique place.

7. Lake Mary

The cookie-cutter suburban city. There isn’t much to say about this area rather than it’s the typical American town. The school system and neighborhoods are equally superior to the typical city. Home to some of Central Florida’s most notable athletes, the golf courses and sport facilities in the surrounding areas are top notch. A synergistic city of low crime and high standards of living, Lake Mary is prime choice when it comes to living in the greater Orlando area. A quick drive south (unless it’s rush hour) on I-4 and you’re in the heart of Central Florida. Travel north on the interstate and you’re in Daytona Beach around the same time. Lake Mary is the ideal suburb for Floridians to inhabit.



8. Venice

Heading back down to the south Tampa area, you run into another coastal town of Venice, Florida. Though it is not as cultured as it’s similarly named city across the pond in Italy, Venice is home to exceptional real estate. This city is the epitome of outdoor Florida life, golf courses and lucrative fishing spots are the main attractions in Venice. If the city’s reputation of being the Shark Tooth Capital Of The World doesn’t give away it’s Florida-like culture, the close proximity to the beach will. Venice is rich in white sand beaches, deep blue water and bright green landscaping.


9. Dunedin

Interested in the Clearwater area, but don’t have the patience for out of state license plates and weekend visitors? Dunedin, Florida should be the next place you call home. This city is majority residential neighborhoods and waterfront homes, with little interruption from tourists. With minimal resorts or tall buildings to block the sea breeze, Dunedin is a premier coastal city. The residents enjoy low crime rates, and high employment opportunities. Housing is not the cheapest, but the local communities definitely get what they pay for. Remember, beauty is priceless.

10. Fort Myers

Whether you are interested in relaxing by the pool, digging your toes in the sand or spending some time on the boat, Fort Myers is your city. Sunshine and salt air run through the veins of the local residents. Fort Myers is a large tourist area and widely accepted as a boating community. Interstate 75 runs through the middle of the city known as the gateway to the Southwest Florida area. With a historic downtown district and environmental conservation areas, Fort Myers is rich in culture and original pieces of Florida.

It is no surprise that majority of the best places to live in Florida are located near the coast. In a state that is blessed with an abundance of Vitamin C and beautiful beaches, Florida natives embrace the culture of our serene land. There is a reason Florida has coined the term “We live where you vacation”. Did your city make the list?

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  1. Thanks for this nice article! I prefer the East Coast of Florida! This is why I relocated to Pompano Beach some time ago to live at
    . I’ve been living in St Pete’s for several years before moving to the East and I also liked living there but this is what I was waiting for 🙂

  2. Deerfield over Boca? That’s crazy. There is nothing to do in Deerfield. It’s a “pass through” town.

  3. Witamin C ?? Not D?

  4. Gang, Boca Raton is next to Deerfield Beach to the North. And Tom, Pompano Beach is next to Deerfield Beach to the South. They belong to one huge megalopolis that stretches from North of West Palm Beach all the way South of Miami. I love all three of those cities and grew up in those cities, but there is not a big difference between them.

    • Actually, there’s quite a bit of difference between them. Boca is nice but expensive. Deerfield (Beach area) is young and fun. Pompano (Beach area) has made major improvements lately and looks really nice, but has not always been very safe and has not much to do.

  5. Your joking right

    Cape Coral really!? Guess who ever wrote this has never been there

    • The Cape is a great place to live full time and part time. Waterfront living is amazing and affordable. Not every place is for everyone it’s obvious certain age groups may feel the Cape is boring but every place is like that, depending on your age group it’s either too boring or too wild. But if your comparing locations the Cape offers beautiful land, homes and communities with great access to shopping, restaurants, and entertainment both by car and water, and it’s affordable and friendly. I live, work and sell Cape Coral. MarZia

    • No joke…it’s one of the safest cities in Florida

  6. Palm Beach Gardens for me!

  7. Lighthouse point here.

  8. GOOD….I’m thankful Bryan (the writer) doesn’t know about Jensen Beach….we’ll keep it our little secret

  9. I lived in Florida twice, Naples and Lighthouse point. Hated it both times. The weather is inhumane, humid and constantly rains. Not to mention the lack of intelligence riddled throughout the state. You Floridiots can keep it. I’m staying in California.

  10. Clearwater is the best!!! HANDS DOWN

  11. Interesting list. I moved to Jacksonville to be in windsor-falls and its been great. i visited clearwater and cape coral and it wasn’t for me. but it must be for someone. lol

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