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The Real Four Seasons of Florida

We all learned in elementary school that the four seasons are spring, summer, fall and then winter. It’s a pretty simple concept to understand for most people since they live through the traditional four seasons year after year. The calendar begins with spring- rain, green landscapes and budding of new life. Followed by summer- a season of sunny weather and pleasant climates. Next comes fall- with leaves changing color and brisk temperatures filling the air. Ending the year during the winter season with sheets of snow, barren landscapes and winter wonderland scenery.

If you’re from Florida, you immediately know that none of these descriptions apply to the Sunshine State. The only relatable elements of these seasons are the heat and rain, except Floridians experience this 75 percent of the year. Most Floridians have never experienced a real cycle of seasons and the beautiful changes they bring. Instead, Sunshine State natives know the real four seasons of Florida as the following…


What would be spring in any normal state, is summer in the Sunshine State. Coming out of “winter” with low temperatures of 60 degrees, it doesn’t take very long for the sun to begin to boil the Earth’s surface again. By the time March 1st appears on the calendar, temperatures are already pushing highs of 80 degrees. While northern states are still shoveling snow, Floridians are shoveling sand to build sandcastles on the beach. It’s no surprise so many out-of-staters visit the Sunshine State for spring break, since Florida’s summer begins three months into the year.

Hurricane Season

Also known as summer, Hurricane Season begins in June. This one isn’t a joke- look at a calendar, there actually is a hurricane season that extends from June 1st to November 30th. Hurricane Season is the time when hurricanes and tropical storms are likely to form in the Atlantic Ocean. If you have lived in Florida for a few years, you know the rain and extreme weather this season brings. Although, Floridians aren’t phased by the storms and often celebrate the tropical weather with hurricane parties. The explanation is as simple as this- Northerners have snow days, Floridians have hurricane days.

Love Bug Season

This season comes as a surprise every year no matter how long you have lived in Florida. Love Bug Season actually occurs twice per year, but the pesky bugs are most prevalent in late summer. The conjoined black insects, rumored to be man-made at the University of Florida, infiltrate the Sunshine State creating the exact opposite feeling of love from Floridians. Love bugs float around Florida’s highways, turning car grilles into graveyards of insect guts. These mutant insects are the second most annoying inhabitants on the interstate, right behind out of state drivers.

Tourist Season

It seems like Tourist Season always begins the first day Florida’s weather drops below 80 degrees. This temperate weather signals the great migration of snowbirds from the Northeast. With thousands flocking to escape the bone-chilling weather of Canada and the upper-states, airport terminals become clogged with wheelchairs,  and the average speed on Florida’s southbound highways lowers by 15 mph. During this time Floridians may notice color changes in the environment all around them- palm fronds begin to wilt, and yellow, orange, green and blue out-of-state license plates fill the roadways. Tourists invade the coastal regions, raising their hurricane shudders on their vacation homes, calling Florida home for the next three months. Tourist Season is what lead Florida to coining the phrase “we live where you vacation”.

Although the weather may be unpredictable, and we don’t experience the typical seasonal changes, living in Florida isn’t so bad. Remember, “we live where you vacation”

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