Saving The Florida Everglades, The Ultimate Test

“And folks, I’ve been photographing all over the world and I promise you, what we have here in the South, what we have in the Sunshine State, rivals anything else that I’ve seen. But yet our tourism industry is busy promoting all the wrong things. Before most kids are 12, they’ll have been to Disney World more times than they’ve been in a canoe or camping under a starry sky”

Florida native and professional photographer, Mac Stone, was born and raised in the swamps of Gainesville, FL. His love for the outdoors and Florida lifestyle began at a young age. After years of exploring Florida’s habitats behind a camera lens, he became an expert on all things Florida.

One of his most famous projects was recently featured on TED Talks. Stone took the stage at TED Talks UF in Gainesville, FL to speak about the conservation of the Florida Everglades, and the impact the Sunshine State’s rapid expansion is making on the natural lands. Stone believes that the Everglades is the ultimate test of habitat conservation.

He states,

“They say that the Everglades is our greatest test. If we pass it, we get to keep the planet. I love that quote, because it’s a challenge, it’s a prod. Can we do it? Will we do it? We have to, we must. But the Everglades is not just a test. It’s also a gift, and ultimately, our responsibility.”

Watch Stone’s inspiring story on the importance of saving the Florida Everglades.

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