Lightning strikes in Florida oceans

Florida’s Craziest Lightning Photos

Florida holds the titles of “The Sunshine State” and “The Lightning Capital of The World”. Yeah, think about that one. On average, every year around 75 people are killed by lightning in the United States, 9 of those being in Florida. With hundreds of thousands of lightning strikes recorded annually in the area between Titusville and Orlando, this span of Florida has become known as “Lightning Alley”. Florida even is home to a professional hockey team named after the electrifying weather phenomenon.

Check out the photos below to see some of the most amazing and beautiful pictures of lightning in Florida:

I hope Cinderella wasn’t on her balcony

Lightning may not strike in the same place twice, but it does strike all around you

Florida State University’s ball boy- “Red Lightning”

Fireworks and lightning creating quite the show in Florida’s sky

The Tampa Bay Lightning bring the thunder and the lightning

Lightning LightningStamkos

An electrifying sunset in Polk County, FL

This is why life guards tell you to get out of the water when it’s storming

Yes, it rains at Disney too

Charging up the sky in St. Pete Beach, FL

If you close one eye, this looks like a scene out of  The Hulk

Amazing shots captured off the coast of Sarasota, FL

Photo series of a Wendy’s in Gainesville, FL being struck by lightning

And the video of the incident

Afternoon thunderstorms produce quite the light show

Living in the lightning capital of the world can be dangerously beautiful.


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