Bryan Dickey

Bryan is the founder of ThingsFloridiansLike and a Floridian native. He enjoys exploring the Sunshine State from coast to coast, while experiencing all that Florida has to offer. His favorite thing about Florida is the non-existent winter. And his least favorite thing about Florida is the tourists.

10 Things Floridians Could Buy With Powerball Jackpot

Since November 7th, the Florida Powerball jackpot has rolled 17 times – leading to the largest jackpot in the country currently at an estimated $450 million. This pot is the highest Florida has seen in 20 years. To put that in perspective, 20 years ago Dan Marino was still slinging touchdowns for the Miami Dolphins. Life is a numbers game, …

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12 Things Floridians Do To Make It Feel Like Fall

fall in florida post card

Florida’s weather is consistently above 80 degrees for a majority of the year. The state nicknamed “The Sunshine State” does not need much explanation as to how it earned it’s title since the summer season dominates most of the year. Unfortunately, with the constant sunny weather comes a lack of seasonal changes. Florida does not experience the traditional four seasons …

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The Real Four Seasons of Florida

4 panel graphic with depicting 4 summer seasons

We all learned in elementary school that the four seasons are spring, summer, fall and then winter. It’s a pretty simple concept to understand for most people since they live through the traditional four seasons year after year. The calendar begins with spring- rain, green landscapes and budding of new life. Followed by summer- a season of sunny weather and …

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7 “Reasons” You Should Move Out of Florida

Welcome to Florida The Sunshine State road sign

From the perspective of outsiders looking in, Florida appears to be a utopia. The dream land of eternal sunshine, white sand beaches and weekends full of swimming with dolphins. Although these are factual qualities of Florida, life in the Sunshine State is not as easy at it sounds. Behind the tinted windows and overgrown palm shrubs, Florida natives know it’s …

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15 Things Floridians Are More Afraid of Than Hurricanes

Florida cold front forecast

There are many dangers that come with living in Florida. From iguanas running the streets like stray cats, to tourists driving down the wrong side of the highway, Florida causes many residents of the Sunshine State to live in a constant state of fear. One would think the most fearsome element of Florida life would be the severe weather Florida becomes a target …

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Saving The Florida Everglades, The Ultimate Test

“And folks, I’ve been photographing all over the world and I promise you, what we have here in the South, what we have in the Sunshine State, rivals anything else that I’ve seen. But yet our tourism industry is busy promoting all the wrong things. Before most kids are 12, they’ll have been to Disney World more times than they’ve …

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Florida’s Best Pumpkin Patches

Getting into the fall spirit in the Sunshine State can be difficult at times. When the only noticeable color changes are Northerners license plates, and autumn scents are only produced by candles and artificial air fresheners, Floridians will do anything they can to experience a true fall season. One of the greatest pastimes of Autumn is visiting a pumpkin patch. …

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UF Football Player Arrested For Firing Gun At Pregnant Girlfriend

Florida Gators defensive back deiondre porter mugshot

It’s Gator hunting season in Florida right now, and the University of Florida Gators football players are not exempt from the hunt. Two players from the Florida Gators football team have fallen in the sights of the NCAA’s scope this week. Just two days after the Gators quarterback, Will Grier, was suspended for the year, Florida has lost another player, …

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Gators QB Will Grier Suspended For PED’s

Florida Gators quarterback will grier throwing a football

Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa and Brian ‘The Boz’ Bosworth are now welcoming the newest member of the PED abuser club- The University of Florida’s starting quarterback Will Grier. If the last name sounds familiar, it’s because he is related to the popular Vine star Nash Grier. Coming straight off a six game win streak, the Florida Gators were …

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Escaped 8-Foot King Cobra Found Vacationing In Orlando

escaped king cobra in orlando florida

Florida has a strange reputation for being home to some of the world’s most exotic wildlife. From alligators wandering through backyards, to iguanas running the streets of South Florida like stray cats, and even monkeys terrorizing local neighborhoods. It is commonly said living in Florida is like a real life scene out of Jumanji or Jurassic Park. One of the biggest problems …

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